10 Giant Animals that lived after the Dinosaurs

10 Giant Animals that lived after the Dinosaurs


01. Livyatan Melvillei :Livyatan Melvillei is an extinct species of whale, which lived about 12-13 million years in the past. Livyatan ate megalodon. Its teeth had been over a foot lengthy. It modified right into a whale that ate other whales. It end up named after a biblical monster that God needed to ruin on the way to keep it from reproducing.

02. Carcharodon Megalodon


Sharks are badass. We recognize that a whole lot. They’ve been in this earth for extra than four hundred million years, and characteristic survived each mass extinction nature has ever thrown at them. Megalodon (“huge toothed shark”) was one of the most influential predators the earth had ever produced and one of the most important at 18 metres (fifty nine feet). Megalodon become an active predator of massive whales. But but… there’s constantly a larger fish.

03. Kelenken


Even though Kelenken’s (“Winged deity”) wings, like several phorusrachids (a.Ok.A. Terror birds), weren’t even remotely massive sufficient to allow them to fly, they have been god like of their ferocity and velocity. The most important of all the phorusrhacids, Kelenken roamed South the usa and ruled with an iron fist, just like their dinosaurian ancestors. Its cranium by myself grew close to a meter and its beak was sharp and hooked, permitting it to batter its prey to submission.


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