10 Strangest Festivals From Around the World

10 Strangest Festivals From Around the World

Here is a list 10 WTF Events From Around the World. full of 10 Strangest Festivals From Around the World

01. Monkey Buffet Festival Thailand


The ‘Monkey Buffet festival ‘ is held yearly in Lopburi, Thailand. In 2007, the festival blanketed giving cease end result and greens to the nearby monkey population of two,000 in Lopburi Province north of Bangkok. On occasion human beings involved are prank the monkeys with the aid of way of freezing bananas and exceptional culmination in blocks of ice.

The pageant turn out to be defined as one of the strangest festivals via London’s father or mother newspaper along with Spain’s toddler-leaping opposition.

02. Songkran Water Festival


Every other Thailand one. Basically the most crucial water combat in the worldwide. If you like painted warfare elephants cleaning dirty hippies, this one’s for you.

03. Antzar Eguna


The Day of the geese, additionally referred to as Antzar Eguna, is a opposition held as part of the San Antolín opposition within the Basque fishing-metropolis of Lekeitio, wherein members try to decapitate a goose suspended on a rope above the town harbor.
Step one: cover a goose in grease.
Step : droop it on a rope above the harbour
Step 3: men leap from boats, snatch the goose, and try to separate it’s head from it’s frame. Whoever can do it gets to hold the goose. This is in all likelihood the least efficient way to get a goose that i will think about.


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