5 Books That Have Stories To Blow Your Mind!

5 Books That Have Stories To Blow Your Mind!

Books contain stories and stories are meant to wow us with interesting facts and fictions. However, there are books that tell us story from among the world that specifically do not fall under the category of normal rather explicitly weird and out-of-the-world! These are books by famous writers and are never boring, I tell you but are bizarre and unusual. Reading such books put you to thinking; you read to feed your mind, don’t you? So, next time you feel down, you pick one of the books from the mentioned ones below and you will not feel idle anymore!

Lives Of The Monster Dogs – By Kristen Bakis:

So, this book is mentioned at the first place because I found this book weird at a very young stage of my life. Those of you who like to read the mind of the writers, can check this one out. This book tells story of a specific dog breed that has been reared and genetically engineered. The weird fact about this breed is that the dogs mentioned here are human-like having hands and legs. They can walk on the back legs and use the fore hands as human-like hands. This breed was created by a crazy German scientist by the 19th Century. Later on, the dogs reached New York, the metropolitan city and acted as if they were in the 19th cent. This fact about the dogs was quite interesting and Victorian. The tragic part starts when these dogs are hit with human emotions, leading to severity of exposure. Monster it says.
Bear vs. Shark – By Chris Bachelder:


It’s an interesting plot that puts you in thought; a fight between a shark and a bear. It sounds weird and unusual yet is one of my favorite one. This book has sharp edges that are both satirical and shallow. Curtis Norman, a young boy sets out to experience this fight between these two creatures with his family. This book is a favorite of many because of the message it provides. It’ll keep you hooked till the end of the story. Young Norman experiences life from another viewpoint that many would term, “weird”!

The Wasp Factory – By Ian Banks:


Ian Banks is an amazing writer who has the potential to wow anyone with his imaginary genius. Wasp Factory is a dark-comic that emerges towards negativity leaving a long-lasting mark on the mind of the readers. This book is about a young psychopath who experiences the darkness of soul and puts in into words in a narrative way. This book is referred to those who can under go any kind of situation that the writer offers. Wasp Factory is one of the weirdest books I came across till now.

Beatlebone – By Kevin Barry:


It’s a story that blew me off! It’s about John Lennon who escaped NY to Ireland. He searched for peace in isolation in the remote island and this story tells more of his being that time. The tour he experienced was all magical and out of the world. Those who love John Lennon must read this book to get a bit closer to the legend. Beatle Bone is a tour-tale that assembles many of the elements of literary astonishment. Kevin Barry put his limit to test while writing this piece.
The Teleportation Accident – By Ned Beauman:

This book has an amazing plot with food for thought in every way possible. This book by Ned Beauman is a hit with four and half star rating. The book reveals the truth lying beneath the psycho-physiological desires that bars many from enjoying their life to the fullest. The story is about a young guy who has been missing on sexual intercourse for a long period of time; he thinks of it as much as he thinks of overcoming the challenge with solving few more mysteries around. The plot is set in Europe and America. Egon Loeser met carnal misfortune and was sent from the theatre at Berlin to the Physics Laboratories at Los Angeles. He kept on answering questions he had on mind with logics and facts and sometimes imaginary fictions. He kept searching and resolving the mysteries that filled the story with intensity.


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