5 Funny Movies to Watch For With Family

5 Funny Movies to Watch For With Family

If you are all bored with your life at present and want to add spice to it, here you go! 5 funny movies you can watch this season comes to your rescue. You will be laughing on the floor rolling once you are done watching first 5 minutes of the movie. Funny movies are quite fast and they bring out the best of emotions in you that is laughter. You will laugh the way I did when I first watched them. Best of luck with your humor level and congratulation on your being happier the moments afterwards.

  1. Jackie Chan- TheLegen of The Drunken Master II:

5 Funny Movies to Watch For With Family

So if you like action packed movies and are fan of Jackie Chan, this movie will make you laugh every now and then. You will be left with holding your stomach tight from laughing. The legend of the drunken master II was released in 1994 that is proved to be one of the most hit movies here!

This movie got Jackie Chan an opportunity to make his audience laugh and enjoy their favorite character on the screen. Chan was showcased in the movie as a better version of the 1978- Drunken Master. In this movie, Chan acts as a folk hero who uses his Drunken Mastering skill-Boxing to prevent a British guy from illegally trafficking Chinese artifacts to the coutry. This movie has a lot of action to offer that in a funny way. You will certainly enjoy watching this movie with friends and family.

  1. Tiny Furniture:

5 Funny Movies to Watch For With Family

This movie is as funny as you can think of. All the parts of the movie replicates real life stories that can easily be related to. Dunham Jody Lee Lipes is a cinematographer who writed tableaus on-screen. The writing she comes up with are funny and compelling. Sister Grace is another character who puts you to thoughts for a while. The actors played it fair and it’s a fun movie to watch.

  1. Tommy Boy:

5 Funny Movies to Watch For With Family

This Peter Segal movie, released in 1995 is worth watching. This movie makes you laugh and that is guaranteed to happen all through the movie. Chris Farley went on a journey that was later proved to be ill-fated and funny. The comedy part took the audience by laughter and this movie is relevant for audience of all ages and taste.

  1. Coming to America:

5 Funny Movies to Watch For With Family

Directed by John Landis, this 1988 movie – Coming to America is a wonderful creation to bring smile on your lips. This movie provides you with enough laughter that will cause you rolling down on the floor laughing. Eddie Murphy is never to disappoint you when it comes to comedy. Here, Murphy acts as a prince from Zamunda, an African state who comes to the United States of America for the first time ever and encounters situations that makes you laugh all through the movie. All the classics of the Black culture in America is put in a beautiful way in this movie. Murphy attains the respect through comedy. There are moments when you feel respectful to the guy for the genuine effort he puts to the work. This movie is a must watch.

  1. The Interview:

5 Funny Movies to Watch For With Family

Director Evan Goldbreg and Seth Rogen has together made this film to get you on the floor rolling and laughing with this amazing work by James Franco, Seth Rogen, Randall Park and Lizzy Caplan. There has been a genuine try of putting comedy in to the film and the actors never fail to entertain the audience. The fun part of the movie starts with a celebrity talk show that airs conversation with the celebrities. The story went further with Kim Jong-un being a fan of this show; the part played by Randall Park. When the intelligence of CIA came to know of this, it decides to use the agents to assassinate the leader of the East by Skylark and Rapoport. The Fun part begins with these two facing troubles in between that keeps the comedy alive throughout the movie.



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