6 Timeless Shoes to Carry You Through Life


What’s a fashionable woman without her shoes? Shoes can make a huge difference in the way others perceive you. Besides protecting your feet and making you look taller, shoes can really pull an outfit together, making them a statement of taste and style. Shoes can make or break a fall; literally and figuratively. The wrong pair of shoes can turn your look into a disaster, or damage your feet greatly. Many women buy too many pairs of shoes and end up wearing just a few of them. However, this article will show how to invest in a few pairs of quality shoes that you can wear to a number of occasions. The best part? These shoes are chic and effortlessly stylish, and they are classic pieces that never go out of fashion.

  1. Black pumps:A good pair of black pumps are a must have item in every woman’s wardrobe. Black pumps are extremely versatile as they are suitable for office wear, formal events and even a fun night out with friends. They are also relatively comfortable and they aren’t too high which makes them perfect for girls who can’t wear high heels. Get an expensive pair of pumps that fit you perfectly. Although pricey they are a great investment and will come in handy for years to come.

2. Casual sneakers: Yes, sneakers can be fashionable too. These shoes are a godsend when you have to run errands or spend long hours outside. They are made for practicality and comfort. Sneakers are to be worn with casual clothes only- so pair these shoes with your favourite jeans and a comfortable blouse. The best colour choice for sneakers are black or navy blue- they go with everything and won’t get dirty quickly.

3. Flats: Flats are universally loved by many women as they look pretty and are super comfortable and practical. Open toed flats with ankle straps are a staple item for a perfect summer wardrobe. These shoes look particularly good with almost everything- from shorts, jeans and midis. They will look best with floral sundresses and other pastel summer clothes.

4. Knee high boots: Boots are must-haves for every lady in colder countries. Knee high boots are a snug and chic fashion choice that will keep you looking stylish and feeling warm wherever you go. They add length to your legs, giving you a hint of elegance to balance out the bulky look that comes from wearing layers of sweaters. Knee high boots look best when worth with jeans and a jacket. Alternately, you can also wear them with a fitted trench coat.

5. Ankle boots: If you want more style and less warmth; ankle boots are the shoes for you. They are super stylish and add height while simultaneously slimming down your legs. Ankle boots are timeless and posh choices for footwear everywhere in the world. For a simple yet gorgeous look, pair your ankle boots with a sleek, fitting knee length dress. For a more casual look, wear them with skinny jeans and a gorgeous top.

6. Stilettos: Many women are scared of stilettos as these pencil thin shoes can look intimidating. These heels are a must have for every girl as they come in handy during date nights, parties and formal events. They can add a measure of glamour to simple clothes and will make you look and feel more confident. Get a pair that fits you perfectly as the wrong size can give you blisters and can even make you lose your balance. Stilettos look best when worth with gowns, dresses and other fancy clothes. Buy a pair in black so that it will match well with a number of different outfits.



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