Bizarre techniques of birth control From history

Bizarre techniques of birth control From history

While we mirror on consideration at the antique beyond, we frequently evoke photos of primitive people dwelling their lives aimlessly without a concept or manipulate over their our bodies and individual instances. This could not possibly be greater off-base. Our precursors took manage over their lives using the gadgets which have been available to them around then. This blanketed utilizing supernatural spells and regular affiliations, herbs, ok sustenance fixings, and creature elements.While it got here to concept prevention, our precursors got modern. From condoms to the antecedents of the anti concept medicinal drug tablet, our predecessors had been certainly not oblivious. Examine complete of peculiar strategies Of begin control From facts.

Soaked Tampons

Just like the condom, we think about tampons as a current invention, however their use has been round for hundreds of years in all factors of the area. At the same time as generally used for catching menstrual blood, tampons were extensively utilized as a form of starting manipulate. Soaked in herbal fruit juices consisting of lemon or, as in historical Egypt, gum arabic, those tampons were believed to block sperm and sometimes kill the sperm gift.Early tampons were commonly made from wool or papyrus, and in China they have been made from silk. This isn’t a lot wonderful from the crocheted tampons being made and bought nowadays on net web sites like Etsy.


  1. More interesting to me are the natives who use fruit pits or clean stones in their uteruses as crude IUDs. OLD AND PAST IS REDUNDANT USED TOGETHER.

  2. When it came to birth control, our ancestors got creative. From condoms to the precursors of the birth control pill, our ancestors were anything but in the dark.


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