Boo! I Am From Your Neighbor Planet!

Boo! I Am From Your Neighbor Planet!
Boo! I Am From Your Neighbor Planet!

Think for a while that you are alone in your home and listening to your favorite music while other members are out of town and this is not new to you. Suddenly some “abnormal” noise distracts you. You stop chewing your food and start roaming around to see what’s wrong. An awkwardly weird voice comes from your back  saying “Boo!”, as soon as you get out of your room. You just freeze right at the moment hearing what it says later. “I am your friend, from the neighbor planet, nice to meet you!” But it wasn’t really “nice” for you when you get to see the “thing” talking to you after you turning around. An Alien!
Science has many debates and trying to prove the existence of lives beyond our ever known planet earth. And this debate has been running since ages. No one seems to come up with a solid proof that there are aliens roaming around us on earth. Many of the scientists have spent their lives to establish a strong proof that there are lives in the outer world and still they didn’t give up finding them. Like Bermuda Triangle, Black Holes and many more unresolved wonders, aliens have been hot news for decades. Still there are searches for those unknown living being roaming around us. To support the mere assumption, a plenty of abnormal activities have been reported worldwide. There are UFOs carrying non-earthy materials and crushed, strange signals received in satellites, even people have been abducted by UFOs! But these incidents are considered exceptional as they failed to provide enough support to prove the existence of life in the outer space.
Scientists are trying to find favorable environment where lives can exist beyond our ever known earth. And recent attempts and research works have found many unknown planets which have similar environment like earth. These reports increased the possibility of having neighbors in other planets. Along with the theory of life also has an assumption that there are other living being in other planets which are designed to live in that environment which may seem unlivable to us but just fine with them. They may be as smart or smarter and advanced than us, trying to communicate but failing to match the technologies. That’s why they are abducting some of us probably!
So in near future we can actually find them or their proof of existence. I have recently seen a video where a four year old boy claims that he is a soul from mars and describes what happened in mars and how they got extinct. He explains their life style and says they were used to live under the surface. He is not the only one, there are lots of reborned soul from different planets are here with us. Scientists don’t seem to be following their statement blindly and go insane though!
But if there are really living being out there someday we will be successful to find them, talk to them and probably ask them why they didn’t show up earlier! So that day is not too far when we will have a coffee with an alien and talking about things which seem to be really impossible today. Just imagine, weird looking things are roaming around and we are just fine with them. I really hope they are a bit stupid than humans so that we can make them our new pet! Just kidding…
But seriously, that day is not much far away that we will find them, if they are real. Just eagerly looking forward the day!


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