A Day without Internet: Miserable or Fun?

A Day without Internet

Internet has grown up as grape vines around our lives. It seems like we could pass a whole day without much of foods but can’t even think of a couple of hours without internet. Whether its unnecessary stalking around people or browsing or its online interviews for your new job, internet is a must. There are plenty of things that we do being unconscious about the fact that we are becoming so dependent on it. Sharing, talking, communicating with loved ones, studying, working everything has a mere requirement of internet. If I want to say it otherwise, then we live in an online world that going offline can make you exhausted, bored and sometimes an alien!

Now the question is if you are challenged to go offline for a day, would you be courageous enough to accept it? Its obvious that the answer will be a NO if you are an important role in your office or you have to do a lots of staffs online. But if not, then going offline for a day can be a great thing. A survey claimed that 33% of candidates initially disagreed that they can’t spend a whole day without going online for a while. The rest said that boredom will be the main reason to go online as there is much entertainment in surfing in internet than being consciously attentive in the real life.

If you are bored of your daily routine and want to have a thrill or change for a while then going offline is an awesome idea. Yeah! To some point you can feel worse and miserable but if you can go through it successfully it can turn into fun! Moreover, your mom will stop complaining for a while when you finally take your eyes off your phone’s screen. Taking this challenge is ultimately helpful as you will get to know lots of things from your own self to your surroundings.

This article will help you to pass the offline day effectively that will not choke of boredom! Try to find a suitable weekend on which you don’t have much of workloads. You can declare your brave step the night before so you can spend the day in peace.

The first thing you can do is keep a small handy diary to keep track what you are doing and what you are up to for the next few hours. This will keep you concentrated in yourself and your surroundings. You can make your own breakfast or for your family; and trust me it is really a good idea to start your day. Later on you can go though the newspaper headlines or pick any magazine and stare at it as you do at your phone’s screen. It might seem a bit awkward for your other family members but chill it is good to give your eyes a little rest from the screens.

If you are a reader then it is very easy to spend leisure and you will feel relieved. You will miss your Google searches about removing stains or YouTube videos about easy glamorous contouring. But it will last only a few minutes and you will be fine. Go somewhere to eat with family or just by yourself. You may feel sobbing inside to put a check-in on Facebook.

The evening time is the hardest part to deal. You can chat with your mom about staffs or watch TV for no reason. There will be suspicious eyes stick around you but that’s really fine. You may feel desperate to take a look of your newsfeed or may feel years have passed since you have been online. Sleeping is tough when you have your phone in hand, but all you can do is to take ridiculous selfies often for no real reason. But in the end, you get to survive a day actually living and observing your surroundings which you wouldn’t have done otherwise.


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