First Dating Experience,always careful

First Dating Experience,always careful

Everyone in their life time spend so many memorable times which they can not forget. Some memory hurts, Some makes lough and Some are unforgettable moments. Love is blind. Everyone fall in love in their life time. Some peoples fall in love for several times.As we are human being,we have affection,greed and love. When peoples fall in love they makes plan for a perfect dating. First dating is memorable in many ways.


Before sunset to sunrise peoples thinking to make a beautiful and memorable first dating. It is not about only for first dating.Even they does same for every dating. Among all of them first dating must be special for everyone.We are sharing here an experience. Jhony Lee, he is working in bank industry at present. He has shared his experience with us about his first dating. We are sharing here his dating experience obtaining his permission. It is story of before 10 (ten) years. That moments social media was becoming so popular.

” I have an account on face book. I was not using my real name on that account. So you can call it fake account. Even I was using photograph of Tom Cruise as profile picture. My nick was Tom and of course she was using Jerry but at first her nick was Neil but after making friendship with me she changed her nick and kept it Jerry. Sometimes we used to talk on phone. Most of the times i used to make her call at day times. At night i could not call her as her phone used to be switched off. Within a month i was deeply fall into her. She had sent me her photograph. She was beautiful. Anyone could easily fall in love with her as she was so beautiful. I had sent my photograph too. She said that she liked me very much but i knew i was not so handsome.

After few months later we decided to meet. We decided to meet on valentine’s day as it is day of love. She gave me a dress code. Although we had seen each other photos. I was astonished while she was giving me a dress code for our first date. I agreed as i was deeply ,madly love with her. I wearied a white shirt and black pant holding rose in my hand. She was not telling me her dress code. She was about to wear something blue. We decided to meet in park outside of city. Not far from main city.

I was so excited as it was my first dating. I could not sleep well the day before of my first dating date. I was thinking about her whole night. I reached there before one hour and was waiting for her. Something was wrong. I was waiting for her holding rose on hand in front of park. 1 hour and 30 minutes gone. She was not coming. I called her for several times but her phone was switched off. Suddenly i found there were about 7 or 8 person waiting holding rose in their hand. They also wearied white shirt and black pant like me.
I could not think anything for a moment. Just talked with one person,He said his name is Tom and He was waiting for her Jerry. I left the place instantly. Her phone was switched off forever and We never met on face book again. Later on i came to know they photos she showed me, it was photos of Russian famous model. She had sent fake photos too”

So every date is not date. Before making a date with stranger think about it carefully.


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