How The Future of the Fashion Looks like?

How The Future of the Fashion Looks like?

Does the word “fashion” only bring the thought of fancy dresses in your mind? Then you can be considered as naïve because in this modern world, no single word only means that single thing. You may think of fashion as the style and dresses and what to wear thing, but fashion includes much more within. Its not only the dresses we see hanging on the shops or not the trends those come following the steps of one another.

It is much deeper and wider than you can ever think. Fashion includes the whole thing regarding dresses, materials, processes, raw materials, and types of fabric to use in the dresses. It also includes the effects of the processes and their consequences afterwards. Fashion industry is being increasingly getting concerned about the materials being used in producing apparel and the affect of the processes on environment. They didn’t become aware of these facts just voluntarily. There are growing pressures of concerned and well informed customer group who demand for better quality of the fashion wear along with the safety of environment where they live in.
Fashion is not relies only in dresses, it is the means of sharing values and cultural norms, interest and personality. As there are many national and international moves going on to save the environment, and this is a bigger concern for many international organizations, this industry also getting concerned about the environmental issues. It is trying to save the environment and its resources to keep it livable in the future, as we all know that environment is becoming vulnerable very quick in recent times.
Since fashion cannot die, it is rather trying to protect the environment and the valuable resources as much as they can and also producing fabrics and apparel that is environment friendly and also have high quality that goes with our lifestyle. This concern is growing upward because there are gallons of discharge and dumps are thrown into water and places where the discharges are not absorbed in the environment and start to reduce the quality of land and harm other components of environment to work properly. You see, the environment has many interdependent components which helps and complements each other to keep it healthy and livable for us and other living beings. Among many industries, fashion, apparel or textile industries are one of the most common and highly dense industries that work as one of the influential factor in changing the nature.
The good news is, the scientists and the industrialists in a combined effort has made some amazing innovation those actually help the environment to go clean and green and also increases the quality of fashion. There are new fibers that are not only eco-friendly but also versatile and eye catching. Its like a balance in nature and science. Those fabrics are produced in a way that do not harm the nature even when the raw material is collected, or when the by-products or wastages are relieved in the environment. Besides fabrics innovation, the procedure of dyeing has also been changed in a greater way. As the wet dyeing, coloring fabrics with liquid color, is very harmful for the water, when dumped; there is a new process of coloring fabric which is called air dyeing. It is less harmful and doesn’t pollute water. The only drawback is the air dye is for applying only on cotton. To save water, denim has taken another step to stonewash which excludes the usage of water. A bigger change in fashion industry is following the trail of these steps and future fashion will be much more different than we fashion is now.


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