How Much Healthy is Your Marriage?

How Healthy Is Your Marriage?
How Healthy Is Your Marriage?

After being in a long courtship some lucky people get to marry their lover and be in a life that they have dreamed for so long. Sometimes it doesn’t work that way and we somehow manage to set our life with a complete stranger. People always change. The person you used to know five years ago may completely different now. As people grow up and their environment changes continuously they also change to keep things under their control. When we determine to live with a single person for the rest of our life, we need to allow these changes and their changing attitude and demands.
after getting married, especially after few years or having children many of us forget to ask our spouse whether they are happy in the relationship or not. It is a more common case for girls they take their married life for granted. Even in many cases, they both remain unaware of the fact whether their marriage is in a healthy condition or not. Many of us spend a huge amount of time with each other but not knowing that how the other half is feeling or is the relationship going really good and healthy. We get busy to earn money, raise status and save money for our children that we forget about this sweet and awesome relationship at its tender age. Moreover, the busy life we have has a huge impact on the marital life of ours. We keep ourselves looking for the peace of our life and forget that the real peace we are leaving behind. There is no specific measurement for determining that our married life is really a happy one. But there are some specifications and indicators that the married life you have is actually a happy and healthy one. Whenever you get chance to sit and discuss about your married life with your partner don’t miss the chance.

It is really common that both the partners become depressed and unhappy about the marriage but they don’t have any idea that the other one is not happy. Sometimes one of the partners doesn’t feel the need to know whether the other one is comfortable with the relationship and they become amazed when they are asked for divorce. Keep your partner happy to have a healthy relationship and long lasting married life is the min key to have one.
Don’t even think that you are happy with your life including your job, salary, friends and married life; will make your partner happy too. Though you are living under the same ceiling, your thoughts about your married life can be different. Ask your partner whether she/he is really happy to have this relationship. Misconception can make your relationship die at an unexpected moment.
Make time for each other and have lots of deep talk. Light and regular talks are not enough to carry out a successful marriage. Do staffs that you both want to keep yourself happy. Don’t push your own happiness to the other and consider that he/she will be happy with that. Take care of each other’s thoughts and opinion. When you are going through hard times be supportive and make them feel that you are with them no matter what life throws at you. When there are any misunderstandings, clear that as soon as possible. Long term misunderstandings, even about tiny matters, can be enough o ruin a healthy relationship. Happy and long lasting married life isn’t anything which happens by chance or luck. It is the two people in the relationship make it work and keep it healthy.


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