I’m Late Because of My Alarm

I’m Late Because of My Alarm
I’m Late Because of My Alarm

I never like the morning people as they ever give me inferiority complex regarding my punctuality! Yes, I’m punctual. I’m punctual in my own way and I don’t like to wow people by getting there on time, I just don’t (if you are a late person like me, continue reading). So, I don’t believe in the idea of waking up early, I rather like it late in the morning. I like the late mornings as I can hardly make it any earlier in the night. I go to sleep really late at night as I usually have lot to do the night before the morning and being a procrastinator, I keep it for the eleventh hour for everything important. I keep my assignments and even my important to-dos left to be done for the late nights. So, you can imagine my schedule getting rushed to the deadline.
So, here’s my reason for being late, that’s my Alarm!
I’m never late because I sleep late, it’s rather because of the alarm the alarm that wakes me up late in the morning. Believe it or not, I can’t help you. My alarm rings late in the morning and that’s the reason why I can’t wake up early in the morning even when I’m willing to. There’s this stupid thing I have in my alarm, that is the Snooze option. This allows the alarm to keep on ringing on a periodic basis for as long as I’m in to sleep. This particular excuse of sleeping few extra minutes even after the alarm, allows me to fall in to a deeper sleep that take me on a tour to the heaven for never wanting to come back! My woes for not being able to wake up in the early morning is thus not the fact that I go to sleep late, it’s my alarm that does me the harm.
My alarm allows me to become lazy-lad and puts me to sleep the moment I should be in the car. I’m so much in to my alarm that I set 5 to 6 alarms just to wake up early in the morning, however, never making it to the morning! So, I’m late by an hour or so and then I decide on being a bit more late that’s got nothing to do with my alarm though. This is not just me but all the sleep lovers who depend much on their alarms then on themselves. So, I found out this truth of my being late every morning earlier this month while I was late for a date on Tuesday. I asked my date to reach the spot at 11am in the morning and myself reached at 11:45. That caused me much trouble to handle for the next 1 hour! Later on, when I was home and was having coffee and thinking of the shitty day I had at the café, I realized, it’s not me who was late! It was my alarm that was late in waking me up.
So, boys and girls, don’t you blame yourself anymore, don’t you hold yourself responsible for being late for any appointment or date! See, it’s not your fault for being so. It’s your alarm that makes you sleep for few more hours, leaving you feel like an idiot for rest of the day!


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