Laugh, Love and Live


Life seems a bit dull and hard at times? Laugh a little bit! It may not solve any problem, but it will definitely make you mentally strong to handle all those harsh realities with less stress and with more beautiful power of laughter. Laughter can make everything seem a bit easier and make it light to carry on your shoulders. Keep smiling and make others smile, whenever you can. Being able to laugh at simple things and making others laugh are some of the blessings that most of us don’t possess much these days.
Being able to take everything not too deeply is the main key to happiness. And if this trait is accompanied by the funny mood or personality it becomes a bumper package which can give you a healthy life later. People who are extrovert, funny, jolly, and humorous tend to have greater views about life and people in their lives. Happy people are the best people you will ever get to know! These people are believed to have purer mind and broad soul that they use to keep others around them happy as they are.
Don’t you think happy people are becoming so rare that they need to be “saved” on an emergency basis or the day is so close that after few years they will be seen in museums! If thought from spiritual perspective, these happy people circulates a positive vibe that automatically makes the surrounded people feels good and lively, at least as long as they are with that happy person.
Making the work environment happy, jolly and lively is really important for the corporate world. Not only happy person is important to ensure a happy environment when they are around, it is also important to make such a boring place such as work place into an effective and efficient one but more in a motivating and smooth for the other workers. It is scientifically proved that when there is a positive, happy and sometimes hilarious environment exist in a office structure, employee tend to work better and try to increase the quality of their performance simultaneously. A different study shows that, a jolly organization environment creates great new ideas while reducing the work error to the minimum. Having a humorous personality as a CEO or manager of the company can motivate your employees and subordinates the best and create a healthy working ground where everyone feels free to share their thoughts and ideas which accelerates the quality of the output eventually.
Except for the corporate environment, a happy and jolly person is always preferred as a good company who keeps everyone smiling all the time they are around. These people just make the surrounding happy healthy that everyone feels alive a bit even if they don’t even want to smile. Humor is a great gift of the creator and certainly everyone is not blessed with this gift. There are only some happy faces you see that makes your mind refreshed whenever you see them. Grumpy faces are just too serious to be relaxed around them.
Recently a study has found that the more humorous the people are, the higher their IQ. Yes! Humorous people have higher intelligence than the average people and they find solutions faster than the others. There are some other positive personality traits those are highly involved with the humorous mind. The people who have higher sensitivity of humor are the ones who mix with people fast and have the ability to adjust with new environment and situations. They are some sort of common friends to all though they have a very selective person who they can call “close” ones.


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