Leave Your Engagement Ring Home When Going for Interview

Leave Your Engagement Ring Home When Going for Interview
Leave Your Engagement Ring Home When Going for Interview

If you are a strong independent woman, believing and living on your own terms, don’t you feel outraged after reading this. Here’s an open ended advice to you shaped up from the quotes of the professional recruiters around the globe. It’s about a psychological impact that Engagement Ring has on the potential recruiters.
So, you being a woman is under acute pressure of finding a suitable job for you in this world of men being the boss around. Getting a job is tougher these days due to the increasing diversity the supply has to offer in the job market while the demand being on point. The recent changes in the geography and that triggered by refugee issue is all the very messy right now. While taking these all to consideration, getting job in this highly saturated market calls for strategies to follow.
If you love your engagement ring and find nothing wrong wearing it to the interview, then this article is a life savior for you. Here, I tell you why. Your interviewer is looking for a person to be able to minimize the cost in the organization in an effective way. Trust me in this, all the interviewer has this psychology in common. If you want to get this job right on point, then apart from having with you all that you need, have the ring kept home before leaving for job.
Jessica, a corporate psychologist verifies the truth behind this attitude. According to her, every 4/10 women end up getting ditched in the interview for having worn the engagement ring to the meeting. No matter how weird it sounds, this happens in case of choosing their future employees depending on the relationship status of theirs. So, yes, they judge you by whatever you wear and whatever you want them to notice about you. I know it hurts you to know about this truth about the interview session. Nothing to do dear, this is how it is.
So, why is it important to take it off before the interview? Engagement ring actually is just a piece of ornament yet quite influential when you are in the interview room. The interviewer finds it potentially threaten to the organization thinking that you might have the job in the 2nd position in your priority list as you are married or engaged. Isn’t it ridiculous to think of it this way? Yes, it is yet true to every word. look, there’s nothing personal here, it’s just a norm the interviewers follow before selecting any candidate.
The protagonists will say, why take the ring off and objectify yourself! The point here is, you don’t objectify yourself but assure getting the job in the first hand. That’s what the recruiters say to the stragglers and they say it on the basis of credibility. There is a possibility of not getting the job in the 1st meeting due to the “rock on the finger”! And yes, once you confirm getting the job, put the rock back on the finger.
Question can occur as to the mentioning of relationship status in the candidature yet leaving the ring back. The fact is, mentioning in the application and showing it off is different from each other. There is a fine line between writing it down on a paper and letting them know of what size the diamond is! So, you get it, right? You don’t want them to get jealous of you having found you wearing a big rock on the finger.
You want to win over the interviewer with all your charm and being a woman you know the hardship of maintaining balance between the work and personal life. The menstrual cycles are there that you can’t control, you don’t want anything else to get in your way to losing hand on the job! Yes, ladies go out bare fingered and come back crowned with the newly got job.


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