Life after marriage is interesting if you can make it up to it

Life after marriage is interesting if you can make it up to it
Life after marriage is interesting if you can make it up to it

Life takes a new course after you turn your status from single to married. Marriage gives a different dimension to life, it is additional to the parameters of life that you had been used to before getting together. Marriage is not about the stereotype romantic notion of being together and enjoying life with all added amorousness. It is about understanding each other’s present and future condition that connects two life together. Getting accustomed to the new life and additional responsibility sometimes make married life a bit hectic one. But that is very minimal initially and does not affect negatively.
Marriage is not only living under one roof, it is about sharing life and time. Two different person and two new family come to each other’s reach and bond a new relationship. The crucial responsibility rests over husband and wife. There has to be a connection that ties the souls together. I will mention some of the crucial factors of marriage that makes it strong and very long lasting.
First and the foremost thing of marriage is you can never ever stop dating. You have to court her exactly like the way you used to do before marriage. This will make her special no matter what. Please do not take your woman for granted. She has married you because she saw the possibility of fulfillment of her dreams in you. Do not ever let her dreams shattered. Be the first and the last man of your woman’s life. This achievement can never be replaced with ant worldly things.
Protect your own heart. You have taken the responsibility of protecting another heart. In order to do so, you need to stay lively and spontaneous. Love yourself fully with an open mind. Explore every corner of your mind. Preserve a space in your heart where only one person can enter, and that person should be your wife. Accept her just like the way she is. She will be overwhelmed.
Consume her sexuality to the fullest. Have a healthy and erotic sexual relation with your partner. Compliment her, explore the vast area of body and sexuality. See erotic movie together and arose each other just the way you see in television. Adore your wife’s body, caress her after you are done, hide your face in her breasts, and embrace yourself in the extreme expression of affection. Prioritize her over everything. You will see the changes with your own eyes.
You got to give her space no matter what. In spite of her being your wife, she is a distinctive individual. Sha always needs time of her own. She might have her own dream, own passion, own thinking process. Do not become the hinder of her life which she might perceives as burden. Give her own space. Talk to her, laugh with her, make up her mind if she is mad at you. Life becomes more colorful when you will have her beside you.
Admit your mistakes. There is no shame in admitting mistakes. We all are human beings. Mistakes are bound to take place. We even sin sometimes. If mistakes are done mistakenly, say SORRY. Do not let your false ego run you. You got to say sorry if you make any mistakes. It is ethical and this is how it should be. Life becomes easier if you admit your mistakes. If your wife loves you at least half of your much, she will forget you. It is a must. You don’t have to worry about it.
Life is a very short time to deal with what should and should not be done. Just live your life according to your rule and love unconditionally. This much will do, trust me.


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