Lucky Him!


Lucky my dad, who loves his wife a bit more than he loves me! Sounds rude? Not at all. So, this is not about me but my dad. He’s Bill and I am Jina. This is not a regular father daughter story, it’s more of a friend-diary, a relationship shared by a father and daughter.
My dad hates cars and the one he drives, belongs to my mom. My mom loves cars and the one she drives, belongs to my dad. I drive mine. Let me tell you about our day to day life. Out life in New York is pretty much confined to me going school, dad going to his bakery and mom going to her school. We usually sit for the dinner together and that’s the best part I have with my parents. I’m the only child of my parents (it’s not that they never tried it afterwards but it just didn’t happen anymore!). My parents are pretty much in love with each other and yes you are right, I’m another evidence of that.

My school ends at 4pm however, I never show up any earlier than 7pm. I usually spend time at my mate’s Jessica who lives not so far. So, the day on which the incident of my dad being lucky happens, I was in my friend’s place. I had informed mom earlier that I was going to be late due to my assignment. Everything was normal as usual. Then suddenly my phone rang at around 6pm in the evening. It was my dad on the other side, “Hey Jina, you busy?”. I got surprised at his call as he never calls me at such hour; I replied back that I was not and said that I was with Jess. He started, “Dear, can I drive your car? I got to deliver something to the client and my car is out of order.” I agreed and asked him to come over Jess’s place and take the keys.
Around half an hour later he arrived and took my car saying that he’ll pick me up once I’m done with my work. I asked him to come and pick me at 7pm. The deal was done and I went back to my assignment. After another 30 minutes, dad made a call. This time he sounded worried that made me worried too, “Hey sweetie, dad’s in trouble, can you help me a bit?”; I became tensed, “Hey, is everything ok?”. He replied, “Just come down the 3rd blocks from Jess’s. you can imagine the pace I rant at, right? I rushed to the 3rd block and stood before dad as he was standing before my car having met with an accident. I rushed and hugged him tight asking is things were ok with him and if he needed any medication. He had nothing serious and I thanked God for everything.
We went straight home and the scene there was all the very emotional. We cried at times and trust me, never did I ever had such strong feelings for my family! Then dad took few antiseptics and I was much relieved only after that. Then, at around 11pm, he came to my room after mom went to sleep; I remained awake to finish my assignment. He came, “Jina, dear, I’m so sorry I did this to your car.” I almost cried, “Are you kidding me? Thank God you are doing fine! Don’t you dare say such anymore.” He hugged me and said, “You need to know something dear. He went on; I did something terrible today. I went to a client’s and on my way back to the bakery, the car got pushed from the back and the back gear fell off. I got scared and didn’t know what to do. You know how much you mom loves her car right?”
Do you now get what happened? I’m glad you do because it took me around 5 minutes to react to that. I love my parents and yes he got my repaired by the end of the week.


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