Machine That Reads Human Emotion!

Machine That Reads Human Emotion!
Machine That Reads Human Emotion!

Even if it sounds unusual for a machine to be able to read human emotions though it’s true. A group of scientists have made it possible to trace down human emotions using Wi-Fi signal sent through the body. Emotion is the toughest intangible things to deal in. no matter how fast the rate of development is, till this day, it had been difficult to reach out to the emotional part of human being. Even people often find it difficult to read the mind of others let alone devices. However, progresses have been made in the area of artificial intelligence that had triggered the development of making devices that can trace human emotion from the other side as well. The voice synthesizer has been there since the beginning of this century and we all are quite acquainted with the use of this device that is mostly used by people with special needs. We all know of Stephen Hawking, the best ever scientist among us using the voice synthesizer as a medium of communication however, can not derive the emotion!

The device that allows to detect the emotion in human being is EQ-radio that uses Wi-Fi to decode the emotion. The accuracy rate of this device is 87% which is above the satisfactory level. This device sends Wi-Fi signal down the body and receives the code as the index of emotion. The heartbeat or pulse and the breathing rate determines the fluctuation of human emotion that is addressed by this device. Human emotion is well decoded by studying the heartbeat rate or the pulse rate. This device enables the digitization of human emotion that can refer to the mood-swing of human being. However, no sensor is required in addition to EQ-radio in order to detect the emotion.

The researchers at MIT first gave out the idea of detecting human emotion by sending wireless signal through the body. Among the few prescribed emotions namely happy, sad, excited etc. the device picks up the mostly matrixed match in common through the use of algorithm. This device meets the level of accuracy as that of the sensor used devices of earlier times. This development will mark another era in the development of Wi-Fi enabled device namely Smart phone, Smart TV, Smart Watch etc.

12 different subjects were monitored for round 2 minutes at a stretch in testing the EQ-radio device. the prescribed emotions were evoked with the use of music or videos that enabled them to recall past moments of happiness, sadness, excitement or anger. Machine learning algorithm was developed to detect the fluctuation in emotion among the 12 subjects by studying the heartbeat and breathing rate. According to a researcher in MIT, the device operates by combining the heart rate and the breathing rate and puts that on to a graph in which one axis represents the “arousal” and the other represents the “valence” to indicate the emotional fluctuation in a readable format. The mapping helps to increase the accuracy of the study of the emotion in human being.

The researchers are trying to reach perfection in detecting the emotional fluctuation in human being using this Wi-Fi enabled device. The researchers working for the development of EQ-Radio, are trying to identify the subclasses of emotion to be machine readable by using different algorithmic setups. They are hopeful of combining this Wi-Fi enabled technique with user friendly gadgets such as Smart phone, Smart TV etc. The idea behind EQ-Radio is to read human being from a personal point of view to better understand their psychological condition. One of the researchers said, “It’ll mark a new era of development in the field of technology. Human emotion once combined with tech, will produce even more useful and feasible gadgets in the near future.”

The wonder of science is illuminating our lives every day. Machine that reads human emotion is going to be one of the major breakthrough in this field.



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