Make Your Marriage a Long Lasting One

Make Your Marriage a Long Lasting One

Early courtship leaves a trail on your married life. The understanding and depth of your relation decides how your marriage life will be to some greater extent. Sometimes you really don’t get much time to know each other and somehow decide to marry each other. When there are some unavoidable ups and downs seem to occur many of these relations break at such an early stage that becomes a life time lesson for many.

Last longing relationship or marriage life is something really precious that many of us can’t handle. It needs nourishment and care from the both sides. You both need to give effort to keep a relationship happy and breathing. For an exciting and everlasting married life you need to follow some rules or advices to make it work till the end. These advices are applicable for both of the partners. One making huge effort makes the other behave careless and the ultimate result is that you will feel disappointed in the end.

To keep balance and healthy running relationship after marriage you may have to follow some super easy steps. The very first one is to make your partner feel appreciated. No matter what your partner does for you, if it is not so wrong, appreciate your partner. Believing that they deserve an appreciation will make the task easier and you can naturally give them applause for their every single and little effort. This will make them feel good about you and themselves as well. And from the very next time they will definitely put much effort to make you happy. Remember that your every single motivating word boosts the other’s mood and energy to do staffs for you more.

Secondly say thank you, though seems a bit formal to some people, for every small things. If you really love your partner, they will definitely feel and grant your cordial “thank you”. The way of saying thank you may always not be a verbal one. A mere kiss on the forehead or a smile or giving a small gift or a hug is many different ways to thank your partner. No matter what way you choose, but always try to make them feel that how happy you are for their little efforts.

It is very lame to mention that be always honest with your partner, even you are really ashamed of the truth. Being honest can hurt them for a while or they may hate you for a while but there is always a scope for forgiveness because you were honest in the first place. Moreover, it is better to confess your own faults before your own other half.

Another way to keep your marriage life healthy and lively is by taking care of your appearance, especially when you are going out with your partner. Always try to bring back the first days of your relation. Dress properly and trust me, it makes your partner feel special. Walking around with stained sweat pants or wrinkled shirt can make your marriage life fade out early.

You can also try to foster your other relationships outside marriage. Often attending parties with your college friend groups or colleagues can change your mood and indirectly helps you to boost your personal relationship. Marriage is your primary and personal relationship but it doesn’t have to be the only one.

Be always conscious when you are talking to your partner. You may have an isolated conversation in your very personal life or may be gossiping when you are in a bunch of relatives or friends, but make sure you are saying anything that might offend your partner. Showing respect to your partner will not decrease your own dignity.

There are many more other simple ways to keep your relationship healthy and long lasting. Life definitely has some ups and downs and you both need to figure it out how to tackle those happy and complicated moments together.


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