Metabolism: The Science behind Your Body

Metabolism: The Science behind Your Body

Ever heard of metabolism? Most of us did. We became so health conscious these days, that everyone is up to find the ways that can keep them healthy, fit and young for the longest time. Metabolism is one of those words that every health conscious people know. It’s basically the way of your body that determines the inner functions, especially which relates with food and weight. It is the chemical system that turns foods into fuel to keep you working and alive. Though most of us know about metabolism and staffs, but it’s not all true we know about it. Yeah, it’s the blessing of internet that pushed so many misunderstanding in our brain from in numerous sources. There are lots of wrong concepts roaming around about metabolism. This article tries to clarify some of them and sets you towards healthier life.

You may have seen lots of news or health blog posts saying how you can control your weight by maintain good metabolism system with a heading like “boost your metabolism” or “high metabolism diet for losing weight faster”. There are lots of suggestions like gulping pills, drinking green tea or other solutions or just running faster! But do you really think they work as the articles state? It’s high time that you know the true facts about metabolism and get to know your body system well so that you can go for a real good solution to maintain good health and figure.
The metabolism is in every cell of your body. The misconception leads us to believe that it’s kind of an organ or body parts that helps us to digest food. Along with the chemical reactions of cells it also includes the calories burnt when you are not doing anything. Burning of energy depends on how much calories you to carry out the activities of your brain, heart, liver and kidneys. Other functions dissolve the fat that your body stores.
How much of time you spend to do “nothing” in a day? It is the activity which burns most of your energy. Resting metabolic rate accounts for huge amount of calories that are burnt in a day. If your body requires less energy to execute the inner functions, you basically have low metabolism power.
Metabolism varies from person to person. You can’t expect the calories to be burnt at the same rate will be same. The interesting thing is doctors or scientists even don’t know the reason behind it. They are still looking for the technique that controls and drives metabolic power to determine the rate of calories that need to be used. And this rate is different in different demography. Age, sex, genetics, the amount of lean muscle and fat tissue affects metabolic rate. And as you grow older, your metabolic rate goes lower and lower.
However, there are much eye catching news roaming around in the internet; about how you can boost up your metabolism power to lose some weight, but the truth is you can never boost it up. There are some foods that can help you to increase the amount of calories burnt while sitting idle. For example: coffee, chilies, honey etc. But it can never affect your permanent metabolism system.
Recently, researches have found that if you are taking less food or dieting, it leads to slow your metabolic power down. Which ultimately causes you only harm. You may find some quick result, but it is never going to last forever.
The most amazing fact is humming bird has the highest metabolism power among animals. This bird also holds the record of flying in a super fast speed. It leaves a hint for us. Exercise and work outs are the best solution if you want to be fit inside out.


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