New Popular Name of Gadgets of The Year 2016 You Should Know


Scientific inventions have been present since a long time now. The objective of inventions is that they tend to make human life easier. From the twentieth and now in the twenty-first century, inventions and creation of gadgets has seen a massive boom. Gadgets today can do a multitude of works and they are here to make life easier. There are many robotics, home appliances, decorative and different types of companies who are making such gadgets. This year itself has seen the release of such different yet high technology gadgets that is surely will make life easier.

In this article, we have listed some amazing gadgets of this year that has been recently released. Their purpose is only one. That is to make life easier and more smoother. These gadgets are not only amazing but they are for personal use. They are now being produced for the global audience and for their betterment.

Nanoleaf Aurora

Technology seen in science fiction movies are now becoming reality. The most high-tech gadgets are imagined to disappear and then reappear in the surroundings. However, the Nanoleaf Aurora – a triangular programmable light connects to each smaller triangle on the edge. They can be automatically rearranged in different patterns to create beautiful and funky lighting arrays. The objective is to make the home or place it will be in to be more futuristic. They are priced around two hundred dollars and can be bought quite handily.

Onagofly Nano Drone

Drones have become an everyday gadget for many. What started for military purpose has now found its way to everyone’s home. Similarly, there are many different drones available of different sizes. Nano drones, especially Zano nano drone released in 2014 was not good. However, the Onagofly Nano Drone intends to change that. It is has a better lift off with the five inch and one twenty five millimeter square space. It is a follow me styled drone and it has an intelligent software to control it. It also is handy around two hundred dollars price.

Sevenhugs’ Smart Remote

Of all the necessary and interesting gadgets that have been created, the remote is an important invention. Today, we use remote to control everything and this use of remote is increasing as time is passing by. In fact, remotes have now become smart too. Such a gadget is Sevenhug’s Smart Remote. Released in 2016, it is used to control everything “smart” in your home. Thus, if you have a home theater system, or any other gadget then you can use this remote too. The idea is that it will rid you of the chaos of having multiple remotes to control the multiple electronic devices at home. It is also priced at around two hundred dollars and is up for grabs.


Different gadgets have different purpose and gadgets specific to music have been made too. Creating playlists and playing them accordingly becomes a hassle at times. To tackle such problem, a new gadget has been made. The Prizm connects to the speakers and searches for playlists. The playlist it looks for are from popular streaming websites. Afterwards, it keeps in its memory what are the music choice of the listener. Comparing the different types of playlists from different places, it makes and identifies the taste of the individual. There are symbols of heart and cross in the device and it functions exactly what one might expect it to function like. The heart is for songs that one likes and the cross is for songs that is not likable. It is already available in the market at this moment.

The different inventions and gadgets that have been made for the year 2016 are here to make life easier. They also will make life simpler. Such gadgets are for those who are tech savy and want the best inventions of the 21st century. Today’s gadgets like those mentioned in this article can and will do many works for the individual user. Artificial intelligence based and smart gadgets are the future and it will always try to make life better for everyone.


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