Perks of Having Humor as a Company

Perks of Having Humor as a Company
Perks of Having Humor as a Company

We are increasingly becoming much serious about life that is actually not helping in any way to make it a healthy life. Growing pressure of studies, intense sick competition of establishing oneself, then the never ending workloads and then pressures of raising children and securing a happy life in future just makes us grumpy as zombies! Can you really recall when did you laughed for the last time when you felt that you are going to die of laughter?
Except some sad and grumpy souls, most of us were not like this a few years earlier. We are losing the joy of living a happy life in the process of making it happy. See, there is no point to run for all these things when you actually forget to live. Why don’t you try something different which will make you feel a lot better and not bored, even if you continue to do the same regular staffs you do every day. If you have already lost the “life” in the process of making a good living, then it is high time that you try to practice “humor” in almost everything to be happy wherever you are now.
Most of the people aged 25 to 50 have reported that they don’t find the willingness, curiosity and energy to make it any further. It is really heartbreaking, don’t you think? People are becoming more of a robot and less human. That’s really a sad thing. In the other hand those are jollier, lively within their mind and laughs a lot have a better quality of living, at least mentally. All these things can be summed up in “being humorous”.
Yes, those who use more humor in daily life tend to have a happy, healthy life. They are more content in what they have, it’s not like they don’t try to achieve more, but they do it with peace in their mind. Humorous people laugh a lot, on simple things and make others laugh which causes them to feel light. They don’t get depressed over small things, thus life seems much joyous to them. Certainly they have workloads and stresses about better future, but they don’t let these negative things ruin their inner peace, which is more important to them. Eventually they develop a strong personality and mental platform which helps them to think better, take less pain and be happy all the time. It’s not like they don’t get sad but the happy mind makes it easy to get over things which they don’t want to feel for long period of time.
Besides all these personal benefits, people with better humor handles the work place more efficiently. They are the ones who keep the office environment happy and healthy. Remember the face those keeps on talking with everyone and makes them happy in your workplace? Yes, I am talking about them. They are like the “life supplier” everywhere. If you notice them closely, they are not worried about staffs, no matter how sad or stressful they are. And those people take out the solution of things more easily than the stressed people do! Eventually they enjoy life more, laughs more and gains more in the end.
Being able to take things lightly, or with humor is a gift. Not everyone can just throw their stresses in the air and laugh as is they don’t posses any worries, but the ones who can do are really blessed. If you are finding it hard to meet corners of life, then try practicing humor. It will ultimately help you to find what you have been looking for all your life.


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