What Do You Plan This Halloween? Check These Celebs!

What Do You Plan This Halloween? Check These Celebs!

It’s Halloween at the corner! How ready are you this year to celebrate this season’s Halloween? Don’t lose heart if you are in a fix regarding the costume you going to try out this season. Here’s what the celebs wore playing the famous Disney character on the screen. These are the characters you ever cherished and wanted to reciprocate in your life in real. This is the time of the year when you can make your wish of dressing like a Disney character can happen in real. This article gives you ideas as to how you can dress yourself on this very occasion of Halloween.

Evil Queen – Snow White:

What Do You Plan This Halloween? Check These Celebs!

Starting with the celebrity dressing trend for Halloween 2016, the 1st name that hits everyone’s mind is, The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This is one of the mostly translated story of Disney. The acceptance of this story along with the moral is deep and eternal. The evil queen that occupies the kingdom and power of the state where snow white was the princess is a story known to us all. You can dress like the queen of this story that is quite simple yet devilish. Think of Angelina Jolie in Maleficent and get the perfect eye makeup and arched eye brows like her. If can’t get the horns, get the collar gown at least.
The costume is easy to understand and cheap to find. This Halloween no other Queen around can be any more devil than you!
Hades – Hercules:

Boys don’t lose hope; here I present you Hades. Hades is known for his unjust and his power to rule along the underworld and the dark world. Being a Dark God, you will be able to dress like this particular Disney character, so negative yet so influential. So, you choose to be Hades, and dress like a Greek God. Hades is deemed to rule the underworld according to the Greek Mythology. You don’t need to panic over getting dressed like him. All you need is spiked hair, a robe, a big antique brooch and gladiator shoes. You can make it more realistic by adding a bit of yellow on your teeth and can color your hair blue to look like an evil. Be the bad God this Halloween and rule the world in dark!
Cruella De Vil – 101 Dalmatians:

What Do You Plan This Halloween? Check These Celebs!The most distinct feature of the cruel lady in the 101 Dalmatians is, the color combo of her hair. The puppy kidnapper has a unique image of her that can easily be portrayed in to a Halloween character. Be the heiress of the rich family of London and dress wearing a furry coat. Don’t forget to dye your hair in partition; black and white combination. Get the black skinny and shiny dress with the furry coat in white. Wear black gloves and pair them up with black court shoes. Get the wealthy witch look and rock the floor this Halloween. And yeah, you can get a fake or real puppy colored in the Dalmatian to suit your character.
Anastasia and Drizella – Cinderella:

What Do You Plan This Halloween? Check These Celebs! Cinderella is a favorite character of many. This season, be the twins from Cinderella and be unique. For this characterization, however, you will need to pair up with your friend. The idea of portraying the twins is quite simple. The Victorian style hairdo and dress is easy to reciprocate. Get a wig or just go dye your hair in orange red and curl them hard. You can pick the color palette you like just make them be bright enough to highlight the characters better. Wear your gloves matched with the dress. You can add bumps in the back to portray the twins as they have bulky figures. And don’t forget to put on loud make-up. And yeah, don’t forget to get the lady umbrellas to match the twin sisters better.


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