Problems That Steals Happiness from Your Married Life

Problems That Steals Happiness from Your Married Life
Problems That Steals Happiness from Your Married Life

Life is not a bed of roses neither is the married life. Most of the couple faces many problems during their married life. No matter whether you knew your partner long ago before you got married and had a super cute “Awww” kind of relationship or you were just “known” to each other, married life has an opportunity of being long lasting and lively. And in both cases, there are huge chances to have an unsuccessful married life which ultimately leads to long family problems and finally divorce. And I tell you, divorce is not the ultimate solution. You should try hard to save your family life in the first place and if it is about the problem of your compatibility then you can proceed for divorce. It is said that, everyone is not perfect for the other one for the whole life and we can certainly make mistakes.
Marriages both love and arranged, are full of joy, life, romance and excitement in the beginning. And slowly the light in the life goes deem and everything seems a bit rational and boring. This boredom often leads to extra marital affairs which are somehow worse. You need to be mentally prepared that there will be problems when two people start their life together. You both may be from different cultures and environments. So it is very obvious and that there will be some misunderstandings and rude words. If you got married after a long or short period of courtship, you are somewhat lucky that you got to know your partner for a while. Still it leaves chances to be in a wrong permanent relationship for the rest of your life. And if you were just “almost” strangers there are mighty chances to be in trouble later.

Marriages these days are having lots of common problem which are found and marked by the marriage consultants. And they reported that most of the problems arise because the partners are becoming more self dependent and kind of self centered these days. And the reason behind being self centered is the ability to earn individually. Though the consultants do not discourage working couples, which is becoming a must for dwelling a minimum standard of life, but they suggest having and showing respect to each other and their works as well.
Carrying your past in you is another problem that couples face more often. You may have a strong committed relationship or been married before, leave those old relationships behind. Carrying them with you is just pointless and very disappointing and matter of sorrow for your partner.
Being busy to earn money or being with friends most of the time is another problem faced by your other half. When you are getting married keep that in your mind that you are just adding a living soul with your day and night. It will be very silly if you still think that “my life is only mine”. Give your spouse a lot of time but don’t be a suffocating one. Share your time to such proportion that you feel yourself and you are also spending a plenty of quality time together. Money, friends and others will leave you some day but your partner will be with you till the end. Cherish it.
There is no such problem that cannot be solved by having a good deep conversation. Sit with your partner at least once in a weak and ask how she/he feels about the marriage. Even if you don’t talk with them, just sit along. It is really helpful to make other feel special and worthy. Sometimes it is more healing that having romance or going to cinema or hanging out or partying. Silence has its own voice, use it.


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