Science is Crazy! You have to know everything

Science is Crazy! You have to know everything

Science is crazy when you can play with it. Science has made many inventions depending on these crazy experiments that you try out in the school projects! No matter how ignorant you are of science yet it’s there since God knows how long and has been facilitating you through all those science projects. Here’s to those science projects.
Square Bubble:
This has always fascinated me how a bubble, that is all round in shape, can be square. Those of you who don’t know the art of making square bubbles, can find this article handy and useful. Get yourself some washing up liquid, glycerin, 12 straws, 6 pipe cleaners, water, a bucket, scissors and glue.

Once you have the ingredients in hand, first, cut the pipe cleaners in to half. Then you twist three of the pipe cleaners and make it a pyramid shape; the pipes should be free by the other edges. Then make four such pyramids. Get the straws and also cut them in to half. Then insert the pipe cleaners inside your straws. Then strangle the straws by the open ends. Once you have a cube you keep it aside. Get the bucket and fill it with water and detergent to make a liquid. Drop some glycerin in it. Then carefully dip the cube in to the bubble mix. And take it out. You will see a surface of bubble. Shake the cube and this will form walls of bubble. You carefully insert a straw and blow inside to create a bubble that touches all the sides of the bubble walls. You can pop out the bubble that you find redundant. Your bubble cube is made.
You can use different colors for the bubbles. All you have to do is to drop few color droplets in to the detergent mixture and the color you want your bubble to be in will be made. One another thing you can do is that, you can add little glitter to the mixture while inserting bubble in to the cube. This will allow you to create sparkle inside the bubble.
Rainbow in a tube:
This is a very interesting scientific experiment that you can try at home and the best part is that all the necessary ingredients can be found at home. All you need for this are 4 glasses of similar size, 4 food dye or color, 1 syringe, 1 mini test tube, sugar and water. Now, you will be needing 60 ml water to be added in to each glass. This measurement can be altered by few close adjustments. But remember, the more you stick to the rules, the better you get away with the result.
For making the rainbow in tube, first, you need to make a row of 4 glasses that you have taken for the experiment. Now, you need to add sugar to each glass. Be careful while adding sugar, in the first glass, you add 1 spoon of sugar. In the 2nd glass you put 2 spoon of sugar. In the 3rd glass you put 3 spoon of sugar. In the last glass, you put 4 spoon of sugar. Now when you have added sugar to each of the glasses, you add exactly 60 ml of water into each glass. Remember, this measurement needs to be accurate for better result. Then dissolve the sugar in to the mixture and for that, stir well. Now, if you think you can not stir it for too long then replace it with warm water. Once your sugar is dissolved, next you are going to add food color in to this. If you have red, yellow, green and blue food color, then you follow the sequence mentioned hereafter. In the 1st glass, you add red food color. In the 2nd glass you add yellow food color. In the 3rd glass you add green and in the 4th glass, you add blue food color. Now stir the mix well.
Now, get the syringe and take blue color mix from the 4th glass. Carefully push the color mix in to the mini test tube. Repeat it 3 to 4 times. Then wash the syringe and take the green mix and put it on the top of the blue mix in the test tube. You will need patience and time to do this. This will happen as you have the density of the green solution more than the density of the blue sugar syrup. Then repeat the process with yellow and finally red solution. Then you will see the pipeline of rainbow inside the test tube!


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