Secrets to a Happy and Healthy Married Life

Secrets to a Happy and Healthy Married Life
Secrets to a Happy and Healthy Married Life

You can have a long and romantic courtship period before you get married with the same person. Some the courtship time seems very interesting, more romantic and lively to some people than the time being with the same person after the long awaited marriage take place. Many of us face problems with matching with the known personality while being married with the same person who they wanted to be with for so long. Researches and psychology tests shows many different results to find the reason behind being unhappy after marrying the loved one.

However, to keep your married life happy and healthy you both need to put efforts and try to make each other happy and content as much as possible. Efforts from both side to keep the relation perfect is the main key to have a long happy married life. Though, for some, it is not an easy task to give effort equally. Sometimes the other half’s effort outstands or you may not feel likely to support your spouse all the time. But, the dedication and coordinated effort can only save your marriage for really a long time.

There are some certain ways those can work magically to save your happy longer married life. If you and your spouse can follow them, not all but almost, life can give you some memorable and special gifts through each other. The first and foremost rule is to respect your spouse. A happy married life begins with respecting each other. When you are making any decision, whether it is about to buy a painting on your living room’s wall or about moving to a different city, always consult with your spouse. Making them feel that they are an important and significant part of your life is the best thing you can do to them while showing respect. Showing respect doesn’t literally mean to salute them or give them some formal honor, it means to value their decision, their existence in your life. When you will ask for their opinion or decision they will definitely feel the love hidden in it.

The second thing is “leave the past in the past”. Happier relation seems to have some intense love in the present. Don’t question your spouse about any incident about their past. It makes them feel unsecured and guilty all the time. And often leaves them depressed and anxious. For a long healthy married life positive things and thoughts for the present and future can boost up the intimacy of you both. Another key to have a happy married life is to listen to each other. You need to take some time out of everything, even from the self space and entertainment time, and really talk to each other. We often lose the track of what the other one was saying; when this happens don’t pretend that you were listening. Instead apologize and ask them to repeat, it won’t hurt much.

Your bonding and intimacy also increases when you give priority to your spouse. After you enter your marriage life that selfish bachelor life of yours is gone forever. You need to think about you two every time. Sacrifices of your wishes can make your partner smile a little wider. And try not to defend them if they are not totally wrong. It keeps the relation healthy and breathing. Maintaining a strong communication can make your relationship clear and trustworthy. Share every single thing that you feel to say to your partner. Anything that may or may not concern them, they have the right to know as long as it concerns you. Sharing your feelings or opinion will not make them irritated. Say that you love them every now and then.


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