Some Illogical and Weird Health Myths We Still Believe To Be True

Some Illogical and Weird Health Myths We Still Believe To Be True
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We surely do live in an era where science and technology changed the whole scenario which was pretty alike even two to three decades back. Our perceptions, thoughts, lifestyle, and habits everything changed drastically in recent years that anyone from the past hardly could have thought this way. We often hear people claim that we are living in the future which we dream of. Even if we are so advanced, some hilarious myths are still there in the deep of our mind which have no scientific platform and totally weird in relation to the facts that we should have known by now. There are a number of myths which we still believe these days. Here are some of them regarding our own body which people still believe to be true. Some of them are so common that you may want to sit down for a while after figuring out that they are just myths which you have always believed in. Do you still believe in any of them? Check it out!

Vaccines do not necessarily cause flu. Though the body develops low grade flu after the vaccine shots in response, but vaccines don’t cause them.
Vitamin supplements do not make you healthier. They can turn into ineffectual and even harmful for your body when your body is not ready for the intake and eventually make you sick and increases the risk of other complexities.
Wearing warm clothes do not prevent sickness from cold weather. You cannot be sick and get cold or flu if you don’t wear warm clothes in shivering cold weather. Germs don’t work that way!
Okay, we have long heard about this that, we only use 10% of your brain during the whole lifetime. It has been spread from 1907 to motivate people about their potentiality and capacity of brain, but recent study and tests strongly denied this myth.
Sugar has nothing to do with the reactions and activities of children. The myth says that, the children who consumes more sugar becomes uncontrollable and over reactive but its not true.
You do not have to stay awake after having a concussion. It has been misunderstood with a specific type of head injury and everyone facing a concussion now has to stay awake!
Chewing gum doesn’t hang around in your intestines for SEVEN years! Yes it is indigestible, so are the fibers which are highly recommended to eat but gums eventually find a way out being in digested.
Reading in the dark or watching TV too closely does not damage your eyesight. Surely it makes your eyes work really hard, but doesn’t necessarily damage it. It was true for the old model televisions which emitted a huge amount of radiations back in 60s!
You don’t have to drink 8 glasses of water a day to keep your body healthy. Our foods contain a good supply of fluid reducing the need of drinking that much of water. You have to consume 2.5 liters of water through both your food and drink.
Swimming right after eating doesn’t cause cramps. Enough to ruin the summer afternoons!
Nails and hair don’t continue to grow after death; they just appear more prominently after you die.
Hairs don’t grow thicker or faster after being shaved.
Eating turkey doesn’t make you feel drowsy, its just the amount of protein intake that makes you sleepy for a while.
Spicy food or stress is not responsible for ulcers. Irregular food habits, certain medicines can cause ulcer too.
Women can get pregnant during her period. And pregnancy doesn’t take nine months at all. You can be alarmed now!
Poinsettias are not toxic; they are just beautiful and hardly can cause stomachaches and cramping.
Eating mid night snacks doesn’t make you fat; they are similar to the other meals. Bon appetite!
Full moon doesn’t have anything to do with your psychology or body!
Babies don’t get fever while teething. Parents should always see a doctor whenever the baby falls sick.
Your head is not the heat releaser. Myth says you release most of your body heat through your head, but scientists claim that your whole body works for releasing the body heat.
Chicken noodle soup is not the cure to everything. Its just easy and healthy to eat while being sick.


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