Think twice before taking any decision after marriage

Think twice before taking any decision after marriage
Think twice before taking any decision after marriage

There is a saying which goes like- ‘Marriage is not only a relationship between the bride and the groom. It is also between two families, their culture and tradition.’ Marriage is a fragment of a life which modifies each and every drill of life. Marriage transmutes relations and adapts certain rights. ‘Marriage founds legal parentage of children, it gives spouse rights to each others sexuality, labor and property’. And it inaugurates a social relationship between spouses and each others relatives. According to Royal Anthropological Institute, ‘Marriage is a union between a man and a woman such that the children born to the woman are recognized as legitimate offspring of both partners’.

Now, to most of the girls who are yet to be married, life after marriage seems to be a mystery to them. They tend to inquisitiveness regarding this life. For them I have a number of advice. Marriage does not only consist of all the idealistic concepts of love, it is much more than this. It is all about consideration, involvement, sacrifice and accountability. There are extensive amount of variations take place within a person after marriage. It is a broad set of new life style. It is amalgamation two new life, their family members, their views, principles and values.

Marriage brings two people nearer but along with it, it brings a whole lot of modification in their life. After marriage you get a permissible and sincere person who you can share everything with. He or she becomes the midpoint of life for the rest of it. After marriage the range of duty, strength and endeavor increases. You discover a trustworthy and persistent hearer who will listen to your all chit chats with a pleased face.

Primarily in an arranged marriage, the girl sometimes can not avail her anticipated ease in spite of being affectionate to her husband. The unexpected weight of work and obligation often become the matter of disagreement. Then again, with the advancement of time everything becomes cooler and feasible.

Liberty or autonomy is another issue that arises as another point of discussion after marriage. Boys cannot let go off or compromise their sovereignty but sometimes girls’ freedom becomes the subject of concession. In some cases they are forced to leave their work and focus more on domestic responsibility. Girls leave their parent’s house in order to achieve the procedural of marriage. On top of that if they have to leave their profession, teaching and self-determination, sometimes it is very likely to consider marriage as load.

If the marriage is given proper and quality time, most of the time it shows a marvelous result. Time is one of the most significant components of marriage. It is extremely suggested to give time to each other. After someday of marriage the man is sometimes seen to involve himself outside the home, giving up all the errand sand not prioritizing his wife. This is the thing you should never ever do to your wife. If problem arises, give time to each other and talk with the best intention in mind. Your wife has all the rights to occupy time of yours. If you face any emergency or sudden plan which will cause late to arrive, let your wife know this and make it clear. This kind of limpidity makes the relationship sturdier and improved.

Sex is another thing that plays a prominent role after marriage. Get yourself involved in sexual inter courses with your partner. Execute the way your partner likes to enjoy. Try to know what arouses your partner mostly. Chat about every sex act after having done with it. A perfect and healthy sex life can invigorate a marriage.

Do not keep big secrets from each other or hide anything. Possession secrets and hiding things makes marital relation complex. You will always have to be in continuous concern if your secret gets exposed. This loads up your mental steadiness and put you under mental pressure.


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