Time to Move from Denim Jeans towards More Flattering Ones

Time to Move from Denim Jeans towards More Flattering Ones

When it’s about jeans, what is the first name comes up on to your mind? Most generally, it’s Denim. And surveys also agree that, Denim jeans are the most used outfit when it comes down to jeans. It will not be exaggerating the fact that, jeans are just a universal fashion wear that are mostly used by both men and women, for a comfortable yet fashionable outfit. Jeans make the easiest choice and goes with almost everything whether you are up to semi formal or casual look. No matter the weather is hot as hell or its frosting outside, jeans makes the perfect choice to wear, every time!
Denim Jeans have been the most popular choice over decades. It has been a name that has the fashion of jeans deeply sunk into it for really a long time. It’s because, for the blessings of changing fashion, everyone wear jeans and it has more longevity than any other fashion wear these days. So both the buyer and seller are in win-win position when we choose to wear jeans.

Denim has numbers of categories of jeans those holds its customer with flexibility and lots of choice. They offer categories like; mom, rigid, frayed, skinny, super-skinny, cropped wide leg, ripped, patchworks etc. whatever you choose, they certainly look fashionable and do just fine as jeans should do! But when it comes to comfort and sometimes the look, they might become a bit atrocious and mainstream. Critics have already stated their debate that, do these jeans look nice? And the results, shockingly, includes more number of No’s than they thought it would be. Denim jeans may have the biggest market, but when some people, especially women, look for comfy, they just don’t get into denim for that! Here the most famous and stylish brand of jeans lack to satisfy their customers when it comes to comfort and customization. You probably will also agree to some point, if you look beyond the trend that is going on round the world that current fashioned jeans are stylish but they don’t actually make you look good and bold that they should be.
Recently, fashion critics have found that, the ultimate good looking jeans were those that we have used to wear in old days. Vintage fashioned jeans from 60’s seem to be their favorite when they just go through the history of fashion of jeans. Though, bell bottom is not really considered as “fashionable” for jeans these days, but the straight cut of jeans are really eye-catching and comfortable.
Moreover, not everywhere, jeans fashion is leaning towards straight cut and cropped edge at the bottom which strongly resembles the jeans of old days. The old fashion of jeans is the most comfortable and easy to keep on the whole day for its relaxing cutting and fitting. Though the current fashion offers a lot of categories and style to meet your expectation, but they seem to fall short to keep you comfortable all the day long. That is the main strength of the straight cut jeans which are brought to the market by AG jeans and GAP. AG jeans has named their new fashion wear as “Ex boyfriend Slim Roll up Jeans” and GAP named it as “ORIGINAL 1969 Vintage Straight Jeans”. These jeans are really awesome to wear and also make you look better than ever. A waist covering your knickers and legs are loose enough that your feet can really breathe! They are loose, but not sloppy; which makes them unique and trend of the future.


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