A Total Renovation of Life Takes Place after Marriage

A Total Renovation of Life Takes Place after Marriage
A Total Renovation of Life Takes Place after Marriage

There is a saying which goes like- ‘You do not marry someone you can live with – you marry the person who you cannot live without’. Marriage is a part of a life which changes each and every practice of life. Marriage transforms relationships and converts certain rights. Marriage establishes legal parentage of children, it gives spouse rights to each other’s sexuality, labor and property. And it establishes a social relationship between spouses and each other’s relatives. According to Royal Anthropological Institute, ‘Marriage is a union between a man and a woman such that the children born to the woman are recognized as legitimate offspring of both partners’.
Now, to most of the girls who are not married yet, life after marriage is a mystery. They tend to possess a curiosity about this life. For them I have some words. Marriage is not only about all the romantic notions of love, it is much more than this. It is all about caring, sharing, sacrifice and responsibility. There are substantial amount of changes take place inside a person after marriage. It is a complete set of new life style. It is a unification two new people, their family members, their thoughts, beliefs and cultures.
Marriage brings two people closer but along with it, it bring a whole lot of change in their lifestyle. After marriage you get a legal and legitimate person who you can share everything with. He or she becomes the center of life for the rest of life. After marriage the range of responsibility, endurance and venture expands. You find a loyal and patient listener who will listen to your all this and that with a smiling face.
Initially in an arranged marriage, sometimes the girl sometimes does not feel her expected comfort in spite of being fond of her husband. The sudden load of work and responsibility often become the issue of dispute. Then again, with the progression of time everything becomes easier and doable.
Freedom is another issue that becomes the point of debate after marriage. Boys do not negotiate with freedom but sometimes girls’ freedom becomes the subject of negotiation. In some cases they need to leave their work and concentrate more on family. Girls leave their parent’s house in order to fulfill the ritual of marriage. On top of that if they have to leave their work, education and freedom, sometimes they consider marriage as burden.
If the marriage is given time, sometimes it shows a tremendous result. Time is one of the most important things in marriage. It is highly recommended to give time to each other. After somedays of marriage the man is sometimes seen to engage himself outside the home, giving up all the responsibilities and not thinking about his wife. This is the thing you can never do to your wife. She has all the rights to spend time with you. If you face any invitation or emergency which will cause late to return, knock your wife and make it clear. This kind of transparency makes the relationship stronger and healthier.
Sex is another thing that plays a prominent role after marriage. Get engaged in sexual inter courses with your partner. Perform the way he or she likes to enjoy. Try to know what stimulates your partner. Discuss every sex act after having done with it. A perfect and healthy sex life can rejuvenate a marriage.
Do not keep big secrets from each other. Keeping secrets and hiding things makes marital relation complicated. You will always have to be in constant worry if your secret gets reveled. This loads up your mental stability and put you under psychological pressure.
Share everything and give each other time. Stand beside your partner whenever any hardship is there. Maintaining distance, remaining silent and avoiding issues make things more complicated. Avoid all these- you will surely enjoy a healthy and happy married li


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