Travel Sajek valley and Dream Islam St. Martin island

Travel Sajek valley and Dream Islam St. Martin island

Sajek Valley Khagrachari

Sajek Valley is about 7 or eight hour car distance from Rangamati. It’s far positioned in baghaichori Upojilla on Rangamati district. Sajek Valley is the most important union of Bangladesh. It has an area of 702 rectangular mails. Inside the east of Sajek Valley there may be Tripura of India, inside the west longdu of Rangamati, inside the north the mijuram of India, and inside the south there may be dighinala of Khagrachori. Although it’s a long way placed in Rangamati, however it is straightforward to move Sajek shape dighinala of Khagrachori as we said previously. If honestly all and sundry need to adventure to Sajek Valley from Rangamati, then first he or she has to move Kaptai through the usage of boat and then need to walk a hundreds of manner to trael to Sajek Valley. In that case you may experience the herbal splendor of Bangladesh even as you’ll tour by using way of manner of boat however it’ll take an excessive amount of time.

Travel Sajek valley and Dream Islam St. Martin island

But if all of us wants to journey to Sajek Valley from Khagrachori then, he or she will be able to move with the aid of bus. It’s far approximately 70 km from Khagrachori district and from dighinala it’s miles about forty nine km and from baghaihat it’s far approximately 34 km. From Khagrachori, you have to float first dighinala military camp. Then 10 no. Baghaihat navy and police camp. It is the place from in which you want to take the permission to go Sajek Valley. Then you’ll see Kashalong Bridge. After that you can discover tiger tila navy submit and mashalong bazaar. After crossing the ones you could attain roloipara village of Sajek. The peak of this village is ready 1800 in form from the ocean degree. There is a BGB camp in Sajek Valley. It’s miles the pleasant BGB camp of Bangladesh. There also are hazachora fall, dighinala setting bridge and moreover the forestry location of dighinala. It’s going to take 2 or three days to look all of them.

A way to move:

To journey to Sajek Valley from Dhaka you may use bus or private automobile. Bus offerings: Shemoly, Haif, BRTC and so on. Thru manner of numerous those buses you may bypass each Khagrachoti and Rangamati. From Khagrachori you could take reserve CNG or jeep automobile from Khagrachori. Hire might be 5000-6000 tk. 15 individual can be sited in a single jeep. And CNG rent may be 3000 tk. Or you can skip first dighinala with the aid of way of bus (rent can be 50 tk in line with humans ) or by manner of motor bike (hire is probably a hundred tk regular with humans). Then from dighinala to Sajek thru the usage of motor motorcycle (reserve will take tk 1200).

Travel Sajek valley and Dream Islam St. Martin island

Wherein to live:

In Khagrachari there are hundreds of resorts like: Porjoton resort (hire: A/C 2100, non A/C 1300), Giri thobra (rent: single room 1200 tk, Double room: 2050 tk, VIP room: 3050tk). There also are motel ico chori, inn shoilo shoborno and so on.Or you could live in dighinala. The accommodations of dighinala are Dighinala traveller residence (lease: 3 hundred-500tk), Shajahan lodge and so on.
Proper right here became all about Sajek Valley. This form of cute region it’s far. Genuinely everybody ought to journey to Sajek Valley for hobby. It’ll possibly be amazing pride if you tour this place as it truly a lovely traveling vicinity. It is one of the nice places to spend your idle time. Now we’re in a position to talk about about the area is known as Peda Ting Ting. It is every other adorable vicinity of Rangamati and furthermore a maximum vital travelling region of Bangladesh.

Travel Sajek valley and Dream Islam St. Martin island


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