Why Is Humor Necessary?

Why Is Humor Necessary

Humor – this form of entertainment has been prevalent throughout history. Today, when there is boom of the internet, internet media, humor has made its place strongly in everyone’s lives. In reality, humor is what makes us happy and gives us happiness from the worries and problems of everyday life. There are different types of humor and humor is necessary in everything. According to dating websites, men and women have answered on polls that those who have a great sense of humor are more attractive than those who do not. Even so, many employers also want their staffs to have humor so that work does not become boring and productivity is always positive. Therefore, there are different types of humor and this include:

Anecdotal humors are personal:

As the heading suggests, anecdote means to tell a personal story or recall a memory. In case of anecdotal humors, this can be an event or an action in your past that you did or been part. Such type of memory where the action was humorous or funny is anecdotal humor. The point of anecdotal humor is so that people can relate to it. Therefore, the best place to tell a humorous story which is anecdotal is when you are amongst a group of people. The best thing after you tell the story would be that many others will be able to relate to it and they will share their own story. Thus, it will then become a total humor gossip.

Burlesque humors are for groups:

The word burlesque means to make a parody. In other words, it means to be so dramatic and whimsical through exaggerated imitation and expressions to express something that is funny. The action and the manner makes the actual thing to be funnier. Thus, as the name suggests, burlesque or parody humor is most appropriate when there are loads of people are around to see the act. This is will be helpful in the sense that more people will join in the fun and your act will be a success. The objective of humor is that it is supposed to bring joy and happiness amongst everyone. Thus, if something humorous is shared when you are in a group, that is funny and enjoyable for everyone!

Morbid humors are risky:

Morbid or dark humors are very personal and very cynical. The first thing to be aware is that one should never and never use such humor in public. This is because instead of creating a funny or happy situation, people might be offended and feel hurt. They might even show their anger on you for making fun of such vulnerable thing like a person’s death. However, the main idea behind morbid humor is to lighten the mood from the dark incident that has happened. Such humor is most applicable when you are trying to make people understand something important but they are not paying attention. Dark or morbid humor is therefore, satirical and ironic. It will be useful amongst close friends and buddies.

High humor are sophisticated:
A very challenging subheading right? It actually is not. High humor is not related but has similarity to the social class. It is actually about humor of the high class which has high themes. Remember Psy’s Gangnam Style song, which was about a certain way of life in his country? Similar to that, high humor has cultural or sophisticated themes to it. The best place for high humor is when you are amongst close friends in a private area. This is because you do not want to risk the general public getting offended by your jokes in public!

The objective of humor is to induce laughter and positivity amongst your friends, family and the general audience. It is also important when you are trying to impress someone. Thus, knowing what type of humor to apply in what situation is equally important as knowing what is the severe consequences follows due to that humor.


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