Will You Be Happy After Marriage? Learn How!


Before getting married it is a very common question that comes up into mind that if I would be happy after getting married. Though it seems a bit girly thought, but there is no doubt that guys have this same thought, at least once in their mind.

Marriage is a big commitment done to another person and seemingly the hardest one to keep. Through marriage two people promise to be with each other, holding hands, and deal with life. No matter how hard life gets they are supposed to fight it together while holding each other’s back. It’s a kind of bicycle ride where balance, intimacy and cooperation make the journey beautiful and smooth. There are responsibilities that each needs to perform to keep the marriage life healthy and happy. The main ingredient that makes this wonderful part of life the most beautiful is the love for each other.  Where there is no love, married life becomes lifeless and dull. That is when severe family problem arises which sometimes leads to extra marital affair or sometimes to some horrible conclusion like divorce.

To keep yourself happy, along with your partner, the first and foremost task is to love them unconditionally. Love has a power within it to fix every broken, heal every wound. Though today’s generation doesn’t seem to have that love between them, as a result there are more number of divorces and separations these days. Respect for the other half comes along with that unconditional love. Respecting each other means respecting their views, opinions and thoughts. Not only that, whenever you are about to take some decisions, take it mutually; so that the other person doesn’t feel down or worthless. Doing so will make them feel equally important and ultimately make them happy and satisfied. Small cooperation and sacrifices can save you a big time later on. And that is how a married life works. If you keep living the way you were before, as a bachelor, means the marriage doesn’t have any significance in your life. And as soon as your partner gets the fact they will start to demoralize which ultimately has a huge negative effect.

So it is better that, before you get married, ask yourself that if you are ready to add another person in your life and if you can keep them happy. When you get the full concern from the inside only then you should proceed for marriage. Most of the people these days seem to take marriage lightly and thinks it as a social responsibility only. Thus the marriage is losing its pride and weight and has become more fragile. But the people who got the real meaning of love and understood the worth of marriage from the very beginning, are the ones who are successful maintaining a healthy and ever green relationship, family bonding and finally a long lasting happy married life. The ultimate happiness after marriage starts from you. If you are dedicated enough, love enough, respect enough it’s obvious that you will get the same back. There is no other alternative or secret ingredient to make your married life happy.

Living under the same roof or within the four walls doesn’t mean you have a happy life. And it is the most alarming thing that we know what is going around the world within minutes but we are unaware what the person is feeling who is sitting right beside us! And that is how sorrow, dissatisfaction and misunderstanding find their way to your sweet home. Love enough to make the whole home happy and that small home can turn into your piece of heaven.



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