You Should Hate Your Ex!


If you are still of the idea that, you might be in good terms with your Ex. (gf or bf), man! You are so wrong! The only relationship that can exist between the Exes is Hatred, that’s it. Even if you are of the opinion that, you might befriend your ex, wrong again. Exes are meant to be hated and that’s what they deserve. If you are too noble to read it out, please press ESC.

If you still have not pressed ESC and somehow managed to digest the words above, Yes! You are the one who deserves to be advised. Getting straight to the point (Advise guys!), we are going to talk of “Relationship Hangovers”, right, Hangovers! Here you have a true friend of yours who can get you away with the hangover you are having post-breakup. Yes, I know the stuff. So, as I was saying, You Should HATE Your Ex. You should have no emotion for her in possession anymore. You should instead throw all the gifts you have from her and take back all the good stuff you ever gifted to her and throw them back to the trash. This is important; you should get these done within the first week of breakup, the sooner, the better. Don’t think that, you should have them kept with hope that it might work out someday. No, it would not, it would never. In fact, it’s better that way.
You should hate your ex as that’s the norm of breakup. If you can’t have hatred for him/her, you are the fool hovering around stupidity and idiocy; pick your option. You don’t want to be called stupid or idiot, right? If your answer is Yes, please Press ESC; if No, continue scrolling down.
You should hate your ex because he/she has expired the emotion and the feelings they had for you. Once the emotions are gone, they are replaced by pity and mercy; you are not in need of alms, do you? Then hate them.
You should have hatred for them as they have the same for you! If you think of your ex to think nice of you, you are wrong. They curse the day you were born; reciprocate them. Give them back what they give you. In case they have cheated upon you; build a community and then hate!
You should hate your ex and love yourself. Once you start hating them and loving yourself, you start taking care of your soul, body and mind. You build a shield around yourself that, only love can conquer (tasted on human). So be brave, be bold, be hateful (towards the Exes only).
Once you are done hating them, let others know of this development you have towards them. This will boost your potential demand in the potential bf/gf market. Let the mutual friends know that you hate your ex. Let others come and console you and who knows? You might find your dream mate in one of them!


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